Welcome to Organic Movement Yoga

Where the Beginner is Welcomed and Encouraged

Yoga1_200We believe in building a community that is energized by the benefits of power yoga. We want to especially welcome and encourage the yoga beginner. Our yoga provides a physically challenging and mentally exhilarating practice that is for everyone!  We’ve made sure to offer various levels of classes across all hours of the day.


Our classes combine an energizing style of yoga, with motivating music, and a semi-heated environment that sculpts a strong and healthy body and mind. The instructors are trained and certified by the most prestigious yoga studios in the world and our facility has the necessary amenities, such as lockers and shower, to get in a quick practice and go about the rest of your day.

Wheaton Studio

Our facility offers a warm, friendly environment for students of any age. We are located at 120 East Liberty Drive in Wheaton, Illinois.